LOCK&LOCK Containers

Lock&Lock is a great gift for a wedding, housewarming, party or holidays and more.

Why are the LOCK&LOCK containers so popular?

1.Raw material and Hygiene
Harmless to the human body. Safe and functional with superior raw material with durability and heat-resistant ability.

2.Airtight Lockage
'Hollow center silicone' between the lid and the container enables higher airtight lockage compared with the rubber or full silicone. Like the brand name 'to lock and to lock again', it double locks for superior lockage.

Endures sudden change in temperature (fast cooling and heating) or impact. It is safe to use in dishwasher, freezer, or microwave.

4.Mullti-purpose with various sizes
Various sizes from 0.1L to 12 L for convenient use for every purpose. You can store and organize various products as pens and pencils, tools and other materials as well as food.

5.Space saving design
From the beginning of its development, it was scientifically designed to be stored on top of another, side to side to save maximum space. According to a test result, you save twice the space in the refrigerator when you organize with Lock&Lock containers

Best Solution For Food Storage! Save Food, Save Place, Save Money!

Revolutionary technology airtight food container LOCK&LOCK