Lock & Lock Touck Lock Canister: HTE500B

Lock & Lock Touck Lock Canister: HTE500B

HTE500B - 380ml

Color: Blue Lid

Size: 60x70x125mm

Material: PET, Lid: PP

Capacity: 380ml / 1.6cup / 0.4qt / 12oz

USD$9.6 USD$7.99

History: 799 sold

Features of this Touck Lock Canister:

Size: 60x70x125mm
Excellent airtight
Easy open lid
Saving space
Keep dry foods freshly
We would like to enjoy cooking everyday, So we want fine kitchen utensils with good quality and functions

Lock & Lock Touck Lock Canister

Hanacobi Lock&Lock acquired 100 certifications of patent,design,and trademark in 50 countries worldwide.

ISO 9001
Q mark
Chosen as the prominent
mid-small sized company/venture company

Safety cautions
1.When using the microwave, be sure to keep all of the locks open (If left locked, the product may explode due to excessive steam build up).
2.Hot food may cause air to expand and result in inferior lockage. Store food in a container after food has cooled off. Be careful especially when you open a container containing hot food to avoid burns.
3.Never store alcohol, benzene, gasoline, oil, or other volatile or flammable chemicals in your containers.

$9.6 $7.99

HTE500W - .38L
HTE500B - .38L