LOCK&LOCK 1) How to order the products?

1 Select the products what you like.
2 Click the buttom "ADD TO CART" , You can change quantity at the card page, and update cart.
3 Continue shopping, repeat step 1 and step 2.
4 Then Checkout please.

2) How long will I receive the goods?

Once we receive your payment, We will ship your order within 1 or 2 business days. Containers are shipped from Guangzhou China, Usually, you will receive them within 2-5 weeks. however this information is provided by the carrier and excludes weekends and holidays. Note that transit times may vary, particularly during peak periods.

3) what are your refund policy?

For any reason, you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return the items (in good condition though) within 10 days for a prompt refund. Sorry, we do not reimburse shipping charges.

4) What is Lock & Lock?

Lock & Lock is revolutionary new concept in plastic food containers - Full perimeter locking action, which is very quick and easy, will make Lock & Lock containers totally air tight. Opening and closing of plastic containers are no longer a struggle and can be easily done by 5 year olds to 75 year olds. 
Lock & Lock's perfect seal means the precious food you keep inside Lock & Lock will remain fresher a lot longer than ordinary food containers - for you to save money time after time.

5) What's so great about Lock & Lock?

Its patented double locking system and quality silicon strip have revolutionized plastic food containers. It is absolutely air and liquid tight - so that your food stays fresher for longer.
Your leftover food can be as fresh as the day you put in Lock & Lock containers.

6) Explain what makes Lock & Lock better than or different from other containers? 

Have you had an experience where you had to struggle to open lids off plastic containers? Your struggle is now over with Lock & Lock!
Unique easy locking action, unlike traditional push-down sealing of lids, makes Lock & Lock so different. 
Not only they are so easy to use, Lock & Lock containers are guaranteed to be totally airtight even after years of use. Blue hollow food grade silicon strip will not degrade after years' of use and the durable hinges on lids are tested to over 3,000,000 times for years of satisfaction.

7) What is the most unique feature about your product?

Lock & Lock is absolutely air and liquid tight.

8) Is Lock & Lock sold internationally?

Lock & Lock has been sold internationally for over 9 years. It has been marketed very successfully over 50 countries, including Singapore, Germany, Japan, Italy, France, Korea, the UK as well as the USA.

9) How is the product used? 

- Lock & Lock is mainly used in kitchen to store food from leftovers to caviar, mushrooms to strawberries in fridges; sultanas and nuts and cereal in pantry; also from toys to pins in cupboards and even nails and bits in the backyard shed.

- Lock & Lock is microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe. It is microwavable straight from the freezer.

- Different size containers are designed to fit with each other for maximum utilization of space.

- Lock & Lock is perfect in caravans, camping, boating and many other outdoor activities. In fact, keeping sand off your water bottle, sunscreen and mobile phones at the beach is a breeze because Lock & Lock will keep them perfectly clean and dry.

10) What are the key features influencing someone to want or need this product? 

Truly air and water tight containers: This feature keeps bacteria out, keeps your food fresh longer and it won't look or taste like leftovers - thus you save money time after time. 
Tidier fridge and pantry, in fact inter-stacking of many containers save precious space in fridge and pantry. 
Because the containers are see-through, stored foods in pantry are a lot easier to find. 
Easy opening and closing of lid: especially good for children, older people and people with hand problems who have difficulty with current plastic containers.

11) Is it safe to use it in the freezer? 

Yes, Lock & Lock is safe to use in the freezer. As with any storage container, if it is to be used in the freezer it is best NOT to FILL the container to its capacity. Damage due to the expansion of the stored material will thus be reduced. This is especially true of material with a high liquid content. A good guide for liquid products is to use only about 2/3 of the container capacity. When the container is removed from the freezer it is best to leave it for 1-2 minutes, at room temperature, before opening the lid. This will reduce the possibility of damage due to impact on the hinge area and will ensure that you can use your containers for many years.

12) How long will the hinges on the lid last?

The hinge section, that portion which joins the lock to the lid, is only 0.3mm thick, however it is designed so as to last for many years with normal use. Testing authorities have opened and closed the hinge over 3,000,000 times, in specially designed testing equipment, to ensure its durability. Damage to the hinge area is rare. Damage may occur due to impact or an imperfection in manufacture. Such damage is covered under the product guarantee.

By following these helpful hints

Lock & Lock may be stored at - 20 degrees Centigrade however when the frozen container is removed from the freezer it is best to leave it at room temperature prior to opening.

Do not drop, bang, hit or cause other impact to the container immediately after removing from the freezer.

Wash in accordance to directions. Do not use abrasive products to clean Lock & Lock.

Do not force the lid closed. If the lid is correctly aligned it will close without the use of force.
Your Lock & Lock storage containers will last for more than 10 years.

13) How can I tell it is the real Lock & Lock product?

All Lock&Lock products undergo strict quality and distribution control. We think it is an important principle in running our company. 
This is how to tell if it is the real Lock&Lock product.

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