Other Hot Products: Fluffy duster with folding and extendable handle

Fluffy duster with folding handle

Fluffy duster with folding and extendable handle

Dimensions: 170 x 180mm/pcs

Composed of:

1/pcs fold handle
1/pcs extendable handle
10/pcs disposable dusters

Material: Handle: PP, duster: Non-woven fiber

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History: 1046 sold

Main Features

1 Fluffy duster has electrostatic action to help pick up dirt, dust and hair on contact.
2 Great for cleaning any surface like computer, furniture, car interior and electronics.
3 This product is not intended for use on wet surfaces.

Great Product...cuts your cleaning time in half, With 300 thousands of fluffy fibers. Its amazing all-around design traps up to 2x times the dust that feather dusters do and has 50% more fibers than regular Swiffer Dusters. When cleaning wood furniture, electronics, plants, and more, virtually any surface in every room would love to meet it, Dusters fluffy fibers trap and lock dust that feather dusters can just spread around. The fluffy fibers also change shape to get into nooks and crannies and dust virtually any surface, especially when cleaning wood furniture.

$24.99/set (Free Shipping)   Buy Now

 Price For All Two: $29.99(Free Shipping)

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